2015 – 2016 Dress Code

SHIRTS must be tucked in at all times. Long/white oxford button down must be worn at all times. ● Riverdale High LOGO must appear on all shirts in red using block lettering. ● Only black, white, red or gray SOLID t-shirts may be worn under the uniform shirt. ● If a shirt is worn under the uniform shirt, its’ sleeves CANNOT be visible past the uniform sleeve. ● Collars must BUTTON down. ● The tan military belt with the plain BRASS belt buckle is the only uniform belt. ● Pants must be khaki colored DICKIE brand uniform pants. ● Jean, stretch, skinny, and lycra material pants are NOT allowed. ● Carpenter, low-rider, and cell phone pocket pants are NOT allowed. ● Only sweatshirts PURCHASED at Riverdale are allowed. Any SWEATSHIRT with an attached hood is not allowed to be worn on campus. ● Skirts must touch the front of the knee and the CREASE at the back of the knee. ● Riverdale plaid red, black, & white KILT skirts are the only permissible skirts. ● Only EAR piercings are allowed. No other facial piercings are allowed including eyebrow AND nose piercings. ● Shoes must fall BELOW the ankle. No high tops OR mid top (quarter length) tennis may be worn. ● NO soft moccasins, slipper like or baby doll slippers may be worn. ● SHOES may be black, brown, tan, red, white, gray or any combination of the colors. Shoes with laces must be laced and FUNCTIONAL. ● Only black OPAQUE hosiery is allowed and no footless leg wear. Every student, every future!





No part of the uniform maybe worn with any graffiti, writing, holes, tears, or cuts

Necklaces must be worn underneath the school shirt

Shirts must be tucked into the pants/skirts such that a belt or waistband is fully visible

Only post earrings are allowed. NO hoops, hanging/dangling earrings may be worn

No alterations to the uniform may be made

No shorts or skorts

No cut off pants or pants cut out at the bottom

No sweat pants or warm up pants, or any trouser may be worn under skirt

Pants must be hemmed and may not be cuffed

Hoods may not be worn in the buildings

No excessive or oversized jewelry on neck, wrists, or fingers

no gloves without fingers for fashion

no use of safety or straight pins

no tonuge rings, eyebrow rings, or any body piercing, other than post earrings

athletic bags must be brought directly to coach upon entering campus

no underwear visible above the waistband

the following headwear CANNOT be worn: bandanas, scarves, skull caps, sweat bands. They are not allowed on campus!!!

Wool caps sold at Riverdale High may be worn outside the building during December, January, and February, or if the temperature is below 60 degrees.

No sunglasses indoors

No holes in clothing

No hair rollers

No wallet chains

No team jackets, except for Riverdale High School

No clothing depicting any type of campus fraternity, sorority, or any other group designs or insignia not approved by the school

No clothing with suggestive words or pictures or anything else that can be considered disruptive to the learning process as determined by the administration (i.e. hair color, cut, styles and makeup)

No politically related clothing (this includes items for past politicians) buttons, etc.

No excessively large purses. (No larger than 8.5 X 11)

No hair picks.

No pillows.

No blankets.